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Reiki and Etheric & Astral Energy Healing


As a Reiki Master Teacher I work with the Life Force Energy which is also called "Prana" or "Chi", which flows through everyone and everything, to create subtle shifts in the energy field to bring equilibrium, harmony, and balance. 


Reiki is best is known for working with those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, Stress related conditions, pain, and  more. 

Reiki sessions will resume in 2024

    Etheric & Astral Energy Healing 

Out of all of the seven energy bodies or fields, the Etheric energy field is the closest to the human body. Healing or stimulation to the organs and connecting the client to the higher energy bodies is done at this layer. 


 I offer guidance and education as I work the Astral energy field as the energy body connects us to everything, which can have a direct effect on a client's conditions and overall health.


My Motto is, "Before you can Heal Thyself you must Know Thyself."

This service will resume in October 2023     

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