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Semala Telegba, RF, CKV, FNP, RMT, FNLP 

Semala is a functional medicine nutritionist and has been working in the holistic and integrative healing fields for over 25 years.

He graduated from SOHMAR (School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology) Functional Nutrition Labs (Science and Art of Functional Nutrition and Medicine) Studied a variety of holistic modalities under many healers and teachers. 

His passion in the fields of study are Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics, and the genome molecule Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA).   


Integrating his passion, along with various modalities he is also a .....


Natural Healing

The Journey

The journey into his holistic practitioner career began in1997. 

Prior years found him in the worst health of his life. He suffered from being overweight, headaches, overly acidic, toxic, with chronic knee, back, neck, shoulder pain, intestinal issues, and poor diminishing eyesight. Realizing that without change he was on his way to more severe health conditions. 


Knowing that his body and its systems were sensitive to certain foods and environmental conditions, by combining his knowledge of how the body worked, along with his new-found passion, nutrition, resulted in his self-healing from the accumulation of multiple health conditions.  


In 2001, he gave his first health awareness presentation to an audience of over 300 people. The presentation was titled, 'The Dangers of Eating Meat.'  It was the first presentation of its kind during that time, and caused reactions ranging from shock, disbelief, anger, concern, interest, and gratitude. The presentation was a success. The awareness education continues to be a significant part of his practice.   

The Passion 

His fascination of how the human body worked began shortly after the age of 12, when he received his first microscope kit as a gift.            


After years of dissecting and studying nonliving specimens, Semala turned his interest to studying the live cells of plants under the microscope.


Years later his interests and passion expanded into the study of DNA, Epigenetics, the study of changes beyond the genetic code genes', and Nutrigenomics, which is the effect that foods have on genes.   Also in nutrition, healing by touch, and energy healing, just to name a few.

The Practice

Semala's practice is a personalize, holistic, and functional approach to healing, that helps an individual understand and discover their   uniqueness, while utilizing a combination of therapies and modalities to help resolve the causes of their conditions.


In 2008 Semala was introduced to a spiritual community by Bahar and was soon accepted and brought in by the guru master Unmaniji.  A few years later, he was given the name, ‘Deva Hanan’, which means Divine Mercy.  


Many of Unmaniji’s teachings such as awareness, consciousness, and her daily in your- face-connection, which is a benefit of a live spiritual teacher, resulted in many awakenings and growth.  


These two women, their teachings and guidance are a major impact on his life.  Meditation became a way of life.  Going with in.  Meditation, its powerful healing benefits, and its meditative experiences was another modality added to his lifestyle and practice.

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