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Functional Medicine Funtional Nutrition


Functional medicine nutrition is a science-based and holistic approach in healthcare that takes into consideration an individual’s lifestyle factors, genetics, biochemistry, health issues and much more.


 It's a practice where patients and practitioners work together to identify and address the root causes of their chronic health conditions.

Organic Vegetables
These natural foods for some people are the root causes of many of their chronic conditions and they are not aware of it.

How about you?

It's difficult to heal when you don't know what needs healing. 

It's difficult to heal when you don't know who you are.

It's difficult to heal when not realizing,

that you are a unique being and cannot eat what everyone else eats.

This is where the practice of functional healing comes in. 


As a functional medicine functional

nutritionist, I work with the patient and physician as a team to address lifestyle factors that can influence long-term, complex, and chronic diseases.  

Utilizing various holistic modalities and systems with a highlight on the importance of diet, individual’s unique biochemistry and more.  

The 'one-size-fits-all' approach is not too effective when it comes to healing unique individuals.


Addressing the symptoms may not be the right approach.


 Treating the causes, not the symptoms, is the approach to functional healing.

Are you experiencing health conditions where symptoms are temporarily reduced or relieved by medications, however, the conditions are never reversed, and repeatedly come back? 

Are the side effects creating new symptoms, appearing in new ways and other areas? 

Addressing the symptoms may not be the right approach. 


Addressing the whole person is a more accurate approach to resolving root causes of chronic symptoms and conditions.


Welcome to Functional Healing.

Reach out for a free consultation 


Reviews on the FNLP program.... D. Davis Chicago IL 2022 Although the program does not focus on weight loss, it has benefited me greatly. In 6 months I lost 33lbs. My blood pressure is normal. My back, body pain, and inflammation is less. Don't need my walking cane anymore. Blood work getting better. My doctor... impressed. What else can I say. The most important things in my life at my age right now is to have good health and peace of mind. Katherine H. Gary IN 2023 The Functional Nutrition Life coach program is a life saver. I was really looking for something for years to help me with my health and I am so grateful to have been introduced to Semala. I knew from that moment my life was going to be different. I participated in the Journey Back to Natural courses and programs and after graduating from there I enrolled into his nutrition life coaching program to continue my healing. I like the close connection and one-on-ones and the fact that I can reach out to him 24/7, as he says. My hip and knee pain has gone away, and I can run up and down the stairs where I once use to avoid them because of the pain. I had to but new clothes and shoes because my other clothes and shoes became too big. I have lost about 42 lbs, and my body is getting more toned like when I was younger. My hair and skin are healthier, and I have way more energy. All of his teachings and programs have caused me to see things in the world differently, and I mean at all aspects of life, and this has help with reducing my stress and anxiety levels. I like as the program goes on and as my health progresses Semala adds more things and we go to another level of healing. I am at a very happy stage of my life and realize that I never want to be back in the life of pain and sickness again. I would recommend this program to everyone. Carla S. Palatine IL 2023 I have been in the Life Coaching Nutrition program for 8 months. It was hard and challenging in the beginning because I had to sacrifice a lot, in order to live. Every excuse I gave, Semala smoothly slid right around it until I had no more excuses left. I really became motivated after the mucus in my chest was suddenly gone. I have suffered with congestion for years. I love the education and detailed explanations of what is going on and why. I love the weekly check ins and the reports that display my progress. I love the constant support and can reach out at any time of the day or night. I love to go to parties and dinners and test my discipline. I feel so successful when I stick to my new lifestyle, and that motivates me even more. I love the fun and easiness of the program and Semala’s ways, it feels like I have been knowing him all my life. Yes, I would recommend this program. Deb B. Chicago IL 2023 I love this program of Nutrition Life Coaching. It is amazing learning about who I am. I didn’t think I was going to last no more than a month and then try something new, but this program and Semala are so amazing and different that I was too motivated to do nothing but continue. Once I understood that I had to modify my life so I can live a healthier life then I had no problem making the shifts. In the beginning every time that I thought about straying from the plan, I could hear that Semala’s voice and then frustration would set in, but it helped guide me on passed that temptation. My joints ache less or none at all, unless I do something like I know I’m not supposed to. I do like the one on one session because I learn so much it crazy. My greatest motivation is seeing my body slowly heal as I get closer to my ideal BMI weight. Yes, I would recommend this program at all costs.

Functional Medicine

Functional Nutrition

Life Coaching Program

60 Day & 90 Day Programs are also available

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