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Functional Medicine   Functional Nutrition

   "It's difficult to heal when you don't know what needs healing."

Are you experiencing health conditions where symptoms are temporarily reduced or relieved by medications, however, the conditions are never reversed, and repeatedly come back?


Are the side effects creating new symptoms, appearing in new ways and other areas?  Addressing the symptoms may not be the right approach. 


Addressing the whole person is a more accurate approach to resolving root causes of chronic symptoms and conditions. Welcome to Functional Healing.

Vasculature of the Heart


As a Functional Nutritionist, I work as a bridge between physician and patient, filling in the gaps that exist.


Working with the patient client and Physician as a team.

Addressing lifestyle factors that can influence long-term and complex, chronic diseases.

Utilizing various holistic modalities with a highlight on the importance of diet and lifestyle modifications


Understanding the whole person and their unique biochemistry, not the symptoms, is the approach to functional healing.

Healthy Food

Functional Medicine

Functional Nutrition

30 Day & 60 Day & 90 Day Programs

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