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   "It's difficult to heal when you don't know what needs healing."


The Reflexology Chi brand hosts

multiple, alternative, and holistic modalities, including,

functional medicine and functional nutrition programs.


Various functional programs and

systems are used in identifying and

addressing the root causes of an individual's

chronic health conditions.

Technology has provided access to a variety of different types of food and drinks from all over the world, which can be consumed day or night. Food and drink can be considered an obsession for some. 


Unfortunately, lifestyles, beliefs, traditions, emotions, and the lack of knowing around this obsession has contributed to the increase of health diseases and conditions.


Reflexology Chi is committed to helping individuals break free of this obsession

and help in reversing their conditions.


Welcome to functional healing. 

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"Knowing who you are is significant to

becoming a healthier you."

If you are suffering from symptoms and conditions that seem to never go away, you have reached the right place.


    Explore our services and programs and reach out to begin your healing journey. 



A New Year A New You

 Registration is now open for
The Journey Back to Natural Series

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The Journey Back to Natural is a 6 month series of programs and activities that take you on a journey of discovery and healing, while working to reverse chronic health conditions as you transform into a healthier you. It's All About You! It is a an online group and indiviual health program with occasional public gatherings and group events. Register early to begin your healing journey.



Testimonies and reviews ..... Sue T. B. Arizona 2022 What I liked most about this program is the time Semala spends with each individual and how he customizes each person's program based on them, Semala spends as much time as a person needs to help them understand the importance of nutrition. This was something I never gave much though on, I eat when I get hungry and I eat until I'm full. Boy was I in for a wakeup, I have always been a person that like to eat, my food has to be seasoned well, and taste good, Probably how and why my body is in the condition that I was in. I know that I didn't get that unhealthy overnight Esperanza P. Chicago IL 2022 The Journey Back to Natural. What a perfect title. I cry (from joy) when I think about what I have experienced within this program. I enjoyed that it was attainable... I was able to attend the sessions even though I have a busy - hectic schedule. Everything you taught... shared made light bulbs come on constantly. I enjoyed being with people who had like issues of myself and this program answered my prayers. My BODY ... some of my body fat changed from solid hard fat to loose body fat. Everyone sees weight lost. DIET... I've made a life change, not a diet. My HEALTH CONDITIONS.... I now have the tools, knowledge and wisdom to continue changing my health condition. A. Jones Killings Texas 2022 What I liked. Learning about vibrations and frequencies was very enlightening. Learning what frequency such as things like love was great. Learning about how your thoughts create conditions in the body was very informative. Just to see how my body responded when I ate healthier meals. I felt the softness of my abs. I wasn't as bloated and hard in the midsection. No two humans are a like. You have to know yourself in order to know what needs healing. Clarence T. B Arizona 2022 The journey back to natural program was stimulating physically, mentally and emotionally. The very first conference call that I was able to partake in, I could sense and feel the energy that was being disseminated amongst the members. The information alone defining what everything was in detailed, until it had me asking questions. This was just an example of what Semala has put at the forefront of his life for a very long time. He has surrounded himself with others who share his vision on sustainable wholistic health. I'm excited about being a member. The program was very educational and motivating. I am looking forward to finding out even more about myself. The concept of allowing me to identify with my own personal individualism, is a true meaning of expanding my paradigm. A. Chism Peoria IL 2021 This journey back to natural program was incredible and has changed my life. I participated in it in 2016, so this was my second time around. Semala, you added so much new insight and life changing aspects of this program. I loved every section of the 5 parts. The fasting was challenging for me but the support from the others help me get through it. When the fasting was done I didn’t want to stop. My weight lost was a total of 31 lbs. My skin and hair became healthier and I only wear my hair naturally now because it is growing thicker with the vitamins from the natural foods that were designed for me. You have to know your self in order to be able to heal you and maintain your amazing health. Thanks you. Yes I would recommend it! Sue T. B. Arizona 2021 I learned so much about myself, things I never would have related or thought about, my mini bad habits about eating, nutrition, and health. Like the time of day you should eat, when to give your body a rest from eating and why. You don't need to exercise and still get the benefits of losing weight. This program is not a weight loss program, but if you give your body what it needs, and knowing more about your body, it will do what it is supposed to do. (stay in balance) weight, skin, hair, sleeping, etc.

Registration is open.

Register early to have the materials needed for the program's kicks off.

Sat March 16, 2024


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